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BMFMS is committed to supporting clinical and translational research, which it recognises as being a core component to providing excellence in clinical care and improving the outcomes of mothers and their unborn babies.

We are particularly interested in supporting young researchers in developing their research skills which could lead to better understanding of complex pregnancies and enable us to provide individualise care.

We have committed to a number of research bursaries (some in collaboration with other organisations) over the years and have supported many RCOG based Clinical Studies Groups from their inception. We also support many prizes arising from our annual conference.

For more information about  RCOG  research please see here

For more information about BAPM  research please see here

The British Maternal and Fetal Medicine Society has self-declared as an NIHR non-commercial Partner organisation. The NIHR Clinical Research Network provides a national infrastructure to support efficient, effective delivery of research in the NHS. This support is available to eligible studies funded by organisations who have self-declared as an NIHR non-commercial Partner. An overview of the CRN and the service it provide can be found HERE.