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Conference prizes

BMFMS 2022

Maternal Medicine

“Recurrent stillbirth due to chronic histiocytic intervillositis: discovery of a purified maternal alloantibody against placental antigen”; Emily Cornish

“Examining the impact of adopting the RCOG COVID-19 GDM care pathway(s) on pregnancy outcomes: A multicentre cohort study, UK”; Niamh Mclennan

Fetal Medicine
“Differences in risk factors for stillbirth between preterm and term births – a secondary analysis of the DESiGN Trial”; Chivon Winsloe

“Fetal ventricular strain in monochorionic twins with twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome and discordant growth restriction – a useful adjunct to clinical assessment?”; Sarah Newell

Pregnancy Outcome
“A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Emergency Cervical Cerclage”; Nicole Pilarski/Gurkiran Bhogal

“Effects of race and ethnicity on perinatal outcomes in high- and upper-middle-income countries: an individual participant data meta-analysis of 2,198,655 pregnancies” Jameela Sheika (also winner of the Medical Student Prize)

“Cervical stiffness measurements to predict risk of spontaneous preterm birth”; Hannah Rosen O’Sullivan

Labour and Delivery (In honour of Professor Fiona Denison)
“Detection of anal sphincter injury using a sensorised surgical glove”; Shireen Jaufuraully

 “A retrospective cohort study investigating the maternal obstetric and cardiovascular, and fetal outcomes of Fontan pregnancies”; Tamlyn Knight

“Association of induction of labour in singleton pregnancy with subsequent risk of childhood special educational need: Scottish population cohort study”; Sarah Murray

Late breaking session

“SuPPoRT: a multi-centre randomised controlled trial to compare three treatments: cervical cerclage, cervical pessary and vaginal progesterone, for the prevention of preterm birth in women who develop a short cervix”; Natasha Hezelgrave

“Which suture thread should we use at cervical cerclage the theory and the practical”; Vicky Hodgetts Morton and Graham Tydeman

Oral presentation prizes 2019

  • Mat Cauldwell, Chelsea & Westminster, Maternal Medicine
  • Alexandra Ridout, KCL, Pregnancy Outcome
  • Lucy Chappell, KCL, Late Breaking Session
  • Brian Dromey, UCL, Fetal Medicine
  • Victoria Hodgetts Morton, Birmingham, Labour & Delivery


e-Poster Prizes 2019

  • Kate Duhig, KCL, Maternal Medicine
  • Sarah Murray, Edinburgh, Pregnancy Outcome
  • Adalina Sacco, UCL, Fetal Medicine
  • Caroline Fox, Birmingham, Labour & Delivery

Oral/Poster Prizes

  • Nicola Vousden, KCL, Richard Johanson Award


Medical Student Prizes - 2018

  • Sadhika Kumar, Leeds, Pregnancy Outcome
  • Holly Baker, Birmingham, Labour and Delivery
  • Nyree-May Jackson, Coventry, Fetal Medicine
  • Francesca Maria Teresita Leone, Leicester, Maternal medicine